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Afternoon Tea Catering in Los Angeles

tea party catering

high tea catering near me

Afternoon Tea Party Catering 

Looking for customized High Tea Catering near you? Rose & Blanc Tea Room provide Afternoon Tea Party Catering in Los Angeles. Great way to having tea party at your home and/or at business.

We do not take phone orders. Please click here to contact us or email us roseandblanc@gmail.com



(Not available on May15th, 29th, 30th) 



▪︎Customized boxes require a minimum order of 15 boxes. The menu of the boxes should be the unified.

▪︎Sandwiches only catering require a minimum of $100

▪︎Delivery is only available to one address

▪︎Dietary Restrictions
Vegetarian option is available.
Gluten-Free & Vegan options are not available.

We can only accommodate peanut allergies among nut allergies. (Our desserts & breads contain almond powders, pinenuts, pecans, walnuts, and hazelnuts; all food items are produced in the same facility and may contain traces of nuts listed above.)

We require $200 deposit for the save the date. The deposit will go towards your final bill.

▪︎Final Confirmation & Final Payment
Please confirm final numbers & details no later than 2 weeks prior to your event.

Final payment will be made once we received final confirmation.
We will not be able to make any changes to the reservation details (choice of service, total number of guests, etc.) 

▪︎Reschedule & Cancellation policy
We understand that unexpected things sometimes happen.
You may reschedule up to two weeks before the event.
Unfortunately, we do not have a cancellation policy and *all deposits are non-refundable if contact canceled*.

💝Custom Box Order💝

Custom boxes vary in price depending on the menus selected. Usually a box with a minimum of 7 items cost about $30~$35. We can get a more accurate price if you choose items and inform us.

Please fill in the information below and send us to roseandblanc@gmail.com We will quote and assist you with the order.

💝Tea Party Custom Box Request
{ Individual Boxes for Each Serving }

1. Menu (Minimum 7 food items)

[ ] Egg & Apple Croissant Sandwich 
[ ] Cucumber & Dill Tea Sandwich 
[ ] Salmon &Truffle Cream Tea Sandwich 

[ ] Classic Scone with Strawberry Jam & Devonshire Cream 

[ ] Gorgonzola & Honey Financier 

[ ] Lemon Madeleine 

[ ] Earl Grey Madeleine

[ ] Rose Macaron 

[ ] Earl Grey Macaron 

[ ] Seasonal Cupcake with Frosting Mini size 

[ ] Passion Fruit Pannacotta 

[ ] Key Lime Tartlet

Tea Bags:

[ ] I don't need tea bags for my order

[ ] 1 Tea Envelope 

[ ] 2 Tea Envelopes 

2. Box Option 
(Includes theme colored flowers and decorations)

[ ] Pink Small (Desserts only : choose 6 dessert items)   
[ ] Cream Medium (Choose 7 food items)
[ ] Pink Medium (Choose 7 food items)

3. Optional Decoration 

[ ] Add Ribbon to the box ($1/box)


4. Please let us know your theme colors for the event.


• Name:
• Delivery/Pick-up Date & Time Requested:
• Delivery Address:
• Contact Number:

• Menu:

• Box Color: 
• Box Quantity :
• Special Request:


💝Sandwiches Only Catering Request

1. Menu (minimum $100)

[ ] Egg & Apple Croissant Sandwich ($4/p)
[ ] Cucumber & Dill Tea Sandwich ($3/p)
[ ] Salmon &Truffle Cream Tea Sandwich ($3/p)


• Name:
• Delivery/Pick-up Date & Time Requested:
• Delivery Address:
• Contact Number:
• Item & Quantity :
• Special Request:




    ▪︎ Organic milk tea in a glass bottle (Earl Grey, Lavender, Matcha)
    15 oz / 420 ml : $10

    ▪︎ Flower Cake (customizable by theme color)

    6 inch (good for 6~8 people) - $120~$150
    8 inch (good for 10~12 people) - $150~$180
    2 tier (8"+6") - $300~$400

    💝 Pick up & Delivery 
    1~10 Miles - $10
    10~20 Miles - $20 
    20~30 Miles - $40 
    30+ Miles - 
    Not Available (*You may use 3rd party delivery service like https://goziply.com/)

    ** PICK UP **

    ♡Rose & Blanc Tea Room

    301 S. Western Ave  #202
    Los Angeles, CA 90020 (3rd & Western interaction)
    *Free self-parking available at Ground & B1 Level (entrance is on Western ave)

    💝 Party Supply Rental

    • Tea pot (20pcs avail)- $10/p
    • Tea cup & Saucer (20pcs avail) - $5/p
    • 3 tier ceramic dessert tray (12pcs avail)- $10/p
    • Small pink dessert plate (6.3 inch) (30 avail) - $1/p
    • Grey melamine plate (8.75 inch) (20 avail) - $1/p
    • Gold charger plate (13 inch) (30 avail) - $2/p
    • 3 tier metal cupcakes stand (1 avail) - $3/p
    • Cake stand (3 type)- $5/p
    • Cake server & Knife (1 set) - $3/set
    • Pink glass cup (30 avail)- $2/p
    • Runner mauve color (12pcs avail) - $2/p
    • Silk flower centerpiece (2pcs avail) - $15/p
    • Small champagne bucket - $2
    • Gold Metal candlestick (6pcs avail) -$2
    • Pink glass candlestick (4pcs avail) - $2
    • Pink glass votive (4pcs avail) -$1

    💝 Teaware Rental Terms & Conditions
    ▪︎ Set up is not included
    ▪︎ Pick-up charge will be added to the total. (same amount as a Delivery fee)

    ▪︎ Our delivery team will require a parking space to be made available as close as possible to the event place. This parking space is to be reserved for our use during delivery and pick up.
    Any parking fees incurred during delivery or pick up will be taken from the deposit.

    ▪︎ $100 refundable deposit will be charged at the time of booking. Once items have been checked on pick up to ensure they are clean and free of breakage or damage,  the full deposit will be refunded.

    ▪︎ Any damaged, broken or lost items will be charged at retail replacement value and automatically deducted from your deposit. If the replacement cost exceeds the deposit paid, an additional invoice will be issued for payment within 7 days.

    ▪︎ We have a strict no dishwasher policy as our teaware is extremely fragile. At the completion of your event, you are required to rinse, dry, and packed in original condition. Items returned in not the original condition will occur a fee of 10% of your total invoice cost which will be taken from the deposit you have already paid.


    For more details catering order, please contact us at roseandblanc@gmail.com. We do not take catering orders through the phone.

    Rose & Blanc Tea Room - Tea Party Catering
    301 S. Western Ave #202
    Los Angeles, CA 90020
    Phone: 213-330-6787