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Unique Bridal Shower Venue

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Affordable bridal shower venue in Los Angeles

Great place for a bridal shower venue in Los Angeles. Rose & Blanc Tea Room located heart of Los Angeles. We have great selections of name brand teas as, Nina's Tea, Le Benefique & more. To find out more details click here for Bridal shower venue

Max capacity - Max 30 Peoples.
Time - 2 Hours minimum. You can request additional hours.
Location - Western & 3rd st, Los Angeles, CA 90020

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Information of Party Venue

Rose & Blanc Tea Room

301 S. Western Ave #202
Los Angeles, CA 90020

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When should you hold the bridal shower?

Generally the bridal shower party is held between two to three months of a year and two weeks before the wedding. Pick a date that is advantageous for both the lady of the hour and her visitors of decision, regardless of whether that implies facilitating something somewhat more distant ahead of time or arranging it to harmonize with an excursion home or another social gathering, for example, a single woman party at night after an evening shower. Regardless of the chose date, ensure that the lady of the hour has assembled a wedding vault before the solicitations are conveyed so visitors can buy blessings. Rose & Blanc Tea Room is the perfect place to hold a bridal shower location.

Who should be invited to the bridal shower?

Similarly as with other pre-wedding occasions, the list of attendees ought to be restricted to individuals who are additionally welcome to the wedding. For the wedding party, this generally incorporates the marriage party, the lady of the hour and lucky man's moms and sisters, aunties, close female cousins, and grandmas. Regularly other female companions are incorporated, however the number welcomed relies upon how huge the occasion is planned to be. In the event that the shower will be an amazement, the house cleaner of respect and the lady of the hour's mom should cooperate to concoct a list if people to attend they figure the lady of the hour will be content with. Else, they can have the lady of the hour help them with the list if people to attend, at that point keep her out of the remainder of the arranging.


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