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The Prettiest New Cafe in Los Angeles

Posted by Rose & Blanc on

The Prettiest New Cute Cafe in Los Angeles

Glistening cups of perfect china, pretty pink walls, and beautiful decorative tables will definitely transport you to Alice in Wonderland tea party

Finding the perfect place to throw a party and take cheering selfies can be a difficult task. But when you are in Los Angeles, your worries are sorted because there is one place you can easily trust, Rose & Blanc Tea Room.

When to have a tea party?

Well, this is an interesting question, but the recent trend has shown an increase in people preferring tea parties over any other meal of the day.

Tea parties are fun when you have perfect new cafe with lovely instagrammable wall in LA. Rose & Blanc Tea Room offers impressive options for a tea party for the occasion of a birthday, bridal shower, baby shower or a simple gathering with friends and even having a party for your little ones along with the mommies.

Tea parties are fun, entertaining and at the same time have a soothing factor. Rose and Blanc Tea Room suggest 3 reasons you should have the pending tea party soon if not now:

After a big event:

You have been busy planning a friend's wedding or any other major event, and it is now time to unwind and relax. Rose and Blanc Tea Room offers yummy finger foods and treats like shortbread cookies and tarts. They make you enjoy the moment and relax.

Stress Buster:

Trendy cafes in Los Angeles, with best walls, definitely are a stress buster. They help induce the soothing effect and make you feel all fresh. It's all about ambiance and the beauty of setup, and Rose and Blanc Tea Room top the list with its pink walls Los Angeles!

Drink for your health

Rose and Blanc have a lot of different flavors of tea, and they all have perfect natural ingredients. Therefore, you can very easily head over to the café and enjoy a tasty cup of brewed tea in just the perfect tea set.

The Picture perfect craze!

Instagrammable walls in café, among the new cafes in Los Angeles is a plus as you not only get to enjoy the perfect food, have a whale of a time but your pictures are lovely!

Today good tasty food is a motivation, but the ambiance and the whole décor of the place is a much huger motivation to visit a place. Rose and Blanc Tea Room embody that factor, and that is why it is such a preferred spot.


It boasts of the following features:

  • The perfect pastel pink walls, with heavenly lighting and the option to add to décor.
  • Beautiful table cloths and a chance and comfortable seating arrangement for 30 or more guests.
  • Pretty tea sets that are graceful and elegant looking.
  • Scrumptious treats like cakes, pastries, and other finger food!

Address: 301 S. Western Ave #202, Los Angeles, CA 90020

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