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Where to order Afternoon Tea Party Catering

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Difficult to decide whether you want a lunch or supper? Get yourself an afternoon high tea gathering! At a high-tea, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Gulping down savory foods along with sweet ones, enjoying champagne alongside tea and experiencing a combination of hot and cold. The high variety menus coupled with a beautiful presentation can guarantee a wonderful evening for you and your friends.  Be it a birthday celebration or just a casual day out with your friends, a high tea plan with Rose and Blanc will give you an experience that would be difficult to forget.
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Where to order tea party catering?

Have you seaching for the tea sandwiches catering near me? When planning to have a high-tea, the first question that comes to mind is; which high tea catering service to get? There is a lot of thought that you must place in deciding a caterer. The perfect caterer should have a high variety of baked goods as well as some savory delights for the guests.

 The food, however, is not the only thing that matters. A high tea requires special attention to the details. The décor, the ambiance and the overall feel of the place should show a hint of sophistication. Without that, your high tea would be incomplete.

High tea catering menu

It can be a really difficult task to decide the menu for the high tea catering service. The table should not have very few items as it is a known fact that high tea usually has a huge variety of food. On the other hand, you do not want to waste food, so an optimum amount of the order is required.

 Sandwiches are one of those few dishes at a high tea that is absolutely necessary. Finger food is the main component of a high tea and there is no better finger food than a nice tea sandwich. We advise you to give extra emphasis to these sandwiches when deciding where you want to get catering from

  • Best Scones

The traditional British tea snack is a very popular dish in the world now. Scones are a delicate piece of art and require great attention to detail. A high tea food table is incomplete without scones to complement the tea. Therefore, ensure that you are getting a tea catering service that is known for their perfect scones.


Some tips to keep in mind when choosing an afternoon high tea caterering.

  • Take out some time to research the high tea caterers that are near you. This will ensure fresh products which can be quickly transported to the venue.
  • Compare the menus provided by the list of caterers that you have made. You need to know the varieties of goods that are being offered by individual vendors and what prices they are being offered at.
  • Have a meeting with the caterers beforehand. Ask them to carry samples for some of the main dishes of the menu so that you can check the taste and the quality that will be served to your guests.

When planning your own high tea party event, keep in mind the above tips that we have mentioned. The Rose and Blanc Tea Room tea party catering services in los angeles are one of those services that fit perfectly to the criteria one should follow when planning a high tea.

 To formulate your high tea plan or for any further queries, we advise you to visit the Rose & Blanc Tea Room website where you can get complete information about the rates for high tea catering service.

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